so many Spawns…

So, when i first started taking commissions, I got a lot of requests for Spawns. It’s been a blast doing them, and I’ve always tried to make each one different. I imagine at some point I’ll stop doing Spawns as my original designs are becoming more and more popular, but for now, I thought it would be fun to reflect on all the pieces I have done so far:

The first one ever. Thanks for taking a chance on me Yasmeen! ;)

Then came Wings of redemption:

Manga Spawn:

then came two iterations of Mandarin:

back in black:


wings version 2:

and the latest, Commando:

So that’s it so far! I’m a huge Spawn fan, so each one of these has been a great pleasure to do! I’ve still got a few more versions I’d like to do, gunslinger, viking, and maybe a maskless one at some point. Hopefully I can find the time to do these soon! :)

11 thoughts on “so many Spawns…”

  1. You shoul start selling these it is a great idea to like minimize the characters. I for one would love to buy one!

  2. dude do you sell thous? if so my girlfriend would love 2 of em the first and last one :P shes in school right now getting her red seal for baking and i wanna surprise her

  3. As recardo said, one two or three, however hows bout 1 of each? i been lookin for a new way to spend my paycheck. if ya ever do get into the idea of makin them for ppl to buy, let us know cuz you would have alot of business right off the bat.

  4. So f’ing cool! I want one! Please, let me know when/if you get around to making a couple more. Thanks, Rex

  5. Hey Rex!

    Thanks for the kind words! I usually do these as commissions, as I rarely have the free time to just make one for the heck of it. If you’d like to commission one, let me know. :)

  6. So apparently, my replies aren’t going through. Feel free to shoot me an email josh <> to commission one or several! :)

  7. Tham I saw this a while ago an I love iiiittt and now I want iiiittt anyway I can buy one the firts one on top an the wings of redemption spawn plz let me know what’s the fair price on them an the size thank u

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