In honor of a true fantasy legend.

When I think of epic fantasy art, I immediately think of the work of the great Frank Frazetta. There are few that would argue that he set the bar for fantasy art and is truly one of the most talented fantasy artists of all time. If you haven’t seen his documentary “Painting with fire” Than I highly recommend you check it out. I’ve probably watched it a hundred times.

As many of you know, Frank passed away earlier this year. And I wanted to do an homage to his legacy. For me, the ultimate iconic Frazetta painting has to be “Death Dealer”:

Death dealer original

and here’s my interpretation, in munny form:

death dealer munny

I wanted to paint the piece like the painting, and not like I normally would. I had to resist the urge to get out the airbrush and try to keep things a bit looser. I don’t know if I really did him justice, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

death dealer munny

death dealer munny

this is probably my favorite part of the piece, the shield.

It’s fun to realize all the lighting value in this piece is painted, and not from any actual light source.

The piece is currently on display as part of a group show at the screaming sky gallery in Portland, Oregon for those of you that can make it by to check it out. Those interested in purchasing the Death Dealer can make inquiries here.

And seriously, check out “Painting with fire” it’s really inspiring.

5 thoughts on “In honor of a true fantasy legend.”

  1. This is such a cool piece. I was fortunate enough to interview him for our local newspaper (he lived a few doors down from my office), and spend an amazing few hours talking to him. If you ever make more of these, please let me know.

    Marcy Shortuse
    Boca Grande, Fl.

  2. Continuing the beautiful work I see. Great job. And I found you through the cool stuff clearinghouse Superpunch.

  3. You more than did him justice, I think if Frank Frazetta were alive , he would truly be honored by this work. You have done a fantastic job and the best compliment I could give would be to say it is your work, but you have done another Master proud with your interpretation of his most famous painting.

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