Where there’s smoke…

Finally finished a few pieces that I had to put on hold for travel and some other commitments I had made. Somehow I came up with a bit of a fire theme for these two completely separate commissions

The first was my second MIST commission, this base figure is interesting to say the least:

It’s much more gestural and graffiti influenced than most the things I work with, which I was excited about, because it meant I could play with the form of it more than being limited to the inherent “reality” of the design.

I decided to go elemental with it, I really liked the flow of the piece and the strange angles and proportions, like it was made from something unruly and wild like…. LAVA!!!!

Magmatian custom Orus by fplus

“Magmatian Terramancer”

All elementals answer to a higher power, the Gods of before, when titans bowed to balance and order. They were formed from the soul of Majik itself. As such creations, their character is the tangible form of their element. Magmatians, are the spirits of earth and fire as one. Strong, and resolute as stone, but also raging, and temperamental as flame. Their majikal skin of razor sharp obsidian is considered an immensely valuable treasure to some. But their underlying flows of living lava proves that acquiring it would be at a far greater cost than it’s worth. There are more than a few charred bones and melted weapons in the area to prove the truth of that.

Secondly, I did another piece with a fire theme. My first custom Chuckboy for a great, long time collector of mine.

This guy was way fun to do. mainly because he’s something different. Chuckboy’s design is great. I ended up having to sacrifice two to make this one, but I think it was worth it!

“Dragon Breath Trooper”

This piece deviates a bit from my fantasy theme, but I love the idea of him being kind of high tech, and still having the unruly, primal fire. I would love to do a series of these, exploring different camo, finishes and weaponry. So if anyone has some chuckboy dunnies they’d liek to sacrifice, shoot me an email!