First rule about Fiend Club, tell people about fiend club.

What started out as a sidekick to my corrupter character, has now become a sought after little monster. With all the amazing response to these guys, I’ve got plans to do a few more, and I’ve had several folks ask me if I’d set up a subscription for them. I instantly liked the idea, because I hate the idea of folks missing out on a fiend in the set due to limited quantities (all previous editions sold out pretty dang quick!)

So, I decided to make a subscription for folks to reserve the next six fiend releases, which are as follows:

Phantasmal (GID) Fiend
Gojira Fiend
Winter Fiend
Candelabran Fiend
Fire Fiend
Ice Fiend

Each one is variant sculpt, so they’re more than just colorways, each one is a different cast from a different mold.

But, what would a club be without some exclusive club member perks right? You’ll also get a custom, one of a kind fiend, you pick the fiend body type and colors, and I’ll send you a one of a kind colorway of your very own!

You can sign up now and pre-pay for the fiend club membership right here:

If you’d like to make arrangements for a pay-per fiend subscription, you can do that as well, by sending me an email to:
Josh (at) to make arrangements.

And on that announcement, comes the release of the next two fiends, the glow in the dark Phantasm Fiend, (and let me tell you, he sure glows!) and the much anticipated Gojira fiend! I know it’s unusual to release two fiends simultaneously, but I couldn’t wait to set these guys loose on the world!

Both will be available 11.26 at noon PST at

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